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The name of a child’s father does not always appear on the birth certificate. In cases where establishing paternity is difficult or contested, Murphy & Rudolf, LLP can provide experienced representation.

If paternity is established, the child may gain certain rights, including:

  • Health insurance coverage

  • Inheritance

  • Child support  

  • Support from public or military benefits

  • Parenting time

  • Life insurance coverage

  • Financial and emotional support from extended family relationships

Circumstances that could lead to problems in establishing paternity include that the mother did not know the identity of the father or that the father did not want to sign the birth certificate. It may also be that the mother was married and her husband’s name, in accordance with Massachusetts law, had to go on the birth certificate even though he was not the biological father.

Whatever the case, our Worcester paternity lawyers can provide legal guidance to help you identify and confirm the father of your child and address issues of custody, parenting time, child support, or even moving out of state.

Establishing Paternity

In Massachusetts there are two ways to establish paternity. You can sign a voluntary acknowledgment, which is commonly done by the birth certificate, or you can ask the Probate and Family Court to issue a judgment of paternity. If paternity is not voluntarily acknowledged or if there is a mistake with the acknowledgment (like the wrong father is acknowledged), then the parent seeking to establish paternity will need a court judgment.

When a court case is filed, the parties can ask either the Massachusetts Department of Revenue or a private lab to administer a genetic marker paternity test. The results will then be submitted to the court and will be used to adjudicate the father. For contested paternity cases, the Worcester family law attorneys at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP can use 50 years of combined experience to help you seek a favorable outcome.

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