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At Murphy & Rudolf, LLP, we believe that all patients deserve the highest level of medical treatment. When a patient puts their wellbeing in the hands of a doctor or other medical professional, they have the right to expect the very best care possible.

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Types of Medical Malpractice

Sadly, our community’s medical professionals do not always provide the attention and care their patients need, resulting in life-altering consequences. If you are injured because of the negligence or misconduct of your physician or medical practitioner, you should not be forced to pay for the results of their deficient care or mistakes. The Worcester personal injury Lawyers at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP are well equipped to represent you in medical malpractice cases.

Medical malpractice may include:

  • Anesthesia accidents

  • Birth injuries

  • Brain injuries

  • Emergency room mistreatment

  • Failures in diagnosis or screening

  • Hospital negligence

  • Medical errors

  • Surgical errors

  • Wrongful death

Acts of medical practice often require thoughtful and aggressive attorneys that can challenge the team of lawyers protecting medical professional and hospitals. At Murphy & Rudolf, LLP, our Worcester medical malpractice attorneys can help fight for your right to receive proper medical care. We value legal research and motion work, and we can mount our own investigations and consult with the leading experts in the field to help you seek compensation for your pain and suffering.

Medical Malpractice Cases in Massachusetts

Medical malpractice cases can be very difficult. Even before a case is brought, you must first go through a “gatekeeper,” an evidentiary tribunal that will make an initial determination as to the merits of your case. If your case survives this initial phase, you must then go through the complex phases of discovery and litigation.

You may be able to seek compensation from entities including:

  • Doctors

  • Health care facilities

  • Anesthesiologists

  • Nurses

  • Pharmaceutical companies

  • Hospitals

Proving fault is essential for seeking compensation in medical malpractice cases. The Worcester personal injury lawyers at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP LLP can analyze the facts of your situation and help determine who is legally responsible for your injuries. We can represent you at each stage of the process and provide legal advice throughout the duration of your case.

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Murphy & Rudolf LLP handles a wide range of legal issues, including criminal defense matters to complex civil litigation cases. No matter what your case involves, we understand you may be concerned about your future, rights, and interests. Our team of Worcester lawyers do all the investigatory work needed to help leverage your case into a favorable position. We fight tirelessly to secure a positive outcome with the results you need.  

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