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Lawyers for a Habitual Offender: Massachusetts Legal Options

Are you a habitual offender? Massachusetts cities of Worcester and Springfield are served by the criminal law firm Murphy & Rudolf, LLP

In 2012, Massachusetts signed a crime bill called, “An Act Relative to Sentencing and Improving Law Enforcement Tools,” which made it the first state in several years to enact a new third-strikes law. This habitual offender law creates serious penalties for defendants in Massachusetts who may be considered repeat offenders. Are you a habitual offender? Massachusetts residents facing charges who think they may have previous convictions in the state need to contact experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorneys from Murphy & Rudolf, LLP to help prepare your defense. If you are in the Worcester or Springfield areas, call today at 508-762-1397.


Habitual offender: Massachusetts felony crimes affected by the third-strikes law include:


  • Domestic violence

  • Assault and battery of a child causing bodily injury

  • Assault and battery causing significant bodily injury

  • Gun crimes

  • Armed robbery

  • Sex crimes

While the Massachusetts habitual offender law specifically classifies certain crimes, it ignores many other types of crimes, making it difficult to determine if you are actually a habitual offender. Massachusetts lawyers at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP have the experience and background in court to help you determine if you can be charged as a habitual offender from looking at your criminal record. We do our best to create an intelligent litigation strategy that anticipates the prosecution’s every move.

Habitual Offender: Massachusetts’ Law and Other Penalties

Even if you currently do not have any previous convictions, it is important to make sure that you are not accumulating a history of convictions that could result in enhanced sentences in the future under the third-strikes law. In particular, new additions to the Massachusetts habitual offender law makes it more difficult to be released on parole if you have any prior convictions. Our Worcester criminal defense attorneys can use 50 years of combined experience to help clients seek to avoid harsh penalties.


Penalties under the new law include:

  • The increase of parole eligibility for habitual offenders from a maximum of one-half of the sentence to two-thirds of the sentence

  • Maximum sentencing without eligibility for parole, probation, work release, or sentence reduction for felony offenders

  • with two prior felony convictions of at least three years of incarceration for each conviction

  • Maximum sentencing for felony offenders with two prior prison sentences of three years or more

Furthermore, the act changed criminal laws surrounding certain mandatory minimums for drug crimes and school zone violations involving gun and drug crimes in Massachusetts. Worcester criminal defense attorneys from Murphy & Rudolf, LLP have experience litigating drug cases, gun cases, and other cases occurring within schools zones in Massachusetts. We can do our best to navigate the nuances of the new law to your advantage and can discuss your options throughout the process.

Diligent Defense for Any Habitual Offender: Massachusetts is Protected by Murphy & Rudolf, LLP

The third-strikes law is a concern for anyone who has faced charges of violent crimes, gun crimes, school zone crimes, or drug crimes in Massachusetts. Combating charges under the Massachusetts habitual offender law requires a comprehensive legal strategy and aggressive, experienced, and intelligent Worcester criminal defense attorneys. At Murphy & Rudolf, LLP, we can represent you against criminal law charges that could implicate Massachusetts habitual offender charges.


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