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When your future is at stake, who do you want as your attorney? Do you want a lawyer who is looking to take the first deal from opposing counsel or someone who does the research, investigation and hard work necessary to fight for you? Trials and negotiations can be won or lost on the quality of a lawyer’s case preparation and willingness to exploit weaknesses in the other side’s strategy and position.

Our Team of Attorneys

The Worcester Massachusetts lawyers at Murphy & Vander Salm LLP are dedicated to diligent case preparation and aggressive representation. Our attorneys know the value of examining evidence, hiring investigators, interviewing witnesses and filing legally significant motions. If it has a chance of helping your case, we will do it. Whether you need aggressive Worcester criminal defense lawyer or someone to pursue an environmental claim, we will represent your interests intelligently and strategically.

To make an appointment with our experienced and skilled Worcester Criminal Defense Lawyers, please call 508-425-6330 or contact us online.

Criminal Defense

The Worcester criminal defense lawyers At Murphy & Vander Salm, LLP provide aggressive criminal defense against a broad spectrum of serious criminal charges faced by adults, juveniles and college students.

Employment Law

Even though most employees are “at will,” both Massachusetts and federal laws protect employees and people seeking employment from unfair practices. If you believe that you have been treated unfairly by an employer, call Worcester employment lawyer Ben Rudolph.

Civil Litigation

Civil and Business Litigation

At Murphy & Vander Salm LLP, we represent plaintiffs and defendants in civil and business litigation in Massachusetts. Civil litigation includes: environmental law, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, occupational license defense, personal injury cases, business/contract disputes, and real estate disputes.

Family Law and Divorce

Attorneys at Murphy & Vander Salm, LLP understand how difficult it can be to make important decisions about finances and parenting children when you and your partner are not at their best. Our Worcester Divorce Lawyers work with their clients to help find solutions that best serve their interests and the interest of their family.

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