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As a transient city, the Worcester metropolitan area sees many visitors and businesspeople who live in neighboring states or other parts of New England. If you are from another state but have been arrested and charged with OUI in Massachusetts, the Worcester OUI attorneys at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP can provide knowledgeable legal advice and representation.


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Oftentimes, people indulge in drinking while visiting, vacationing, or traveling for work in the Worcester area. If you drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of more than .08%, you will be charged with OUI. In Massachusetts, OUI stands for operating under the influence and is the same as DUI in other states.

Penalties for OUI charges in Massachusetts may include:

  • Fines, fees, and court costs

  • Administrative license suspension

  • Revocation of driver’s license

  • Jail time

  • Mandatory alcohol education

  • Mandatory alcohol treatment and assessment

In the United States, having a motor vehicle license is a privilege, not a legal right. The state issuing each license owns it and can suspend or revoke it. Massachusetts can suspend your driving privileges in Massachusetts, and your home state’s motor vehicle authorities may suspend all your driving privileges when they are informed of your legal issues.

Trusted Representation in Worcester, Massachusetts

Being arrested for OUI in Massachusetts, or DUI in any other state, is always a complicated, taxing, and nerve-wracking experience. Your OUI arrest and/or conviction can impact your driving privileges in your home state as well as in Massachusetts, so it is important to get experienced legal representation as soon as possible. Our Worcester criminal defense lawyers can investigate your incident and talk with you to determine the best course of action.

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