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Many schools in today’s society have found themselves plagued with violence, from minor physical altercations to mass shootings. At Murphy & Rudolf, LLP, we strive to provide compassionate and tenacious legal services for cases involving school violence. Contact our Worcester criminal defense lawyers today at (508) 744-3038 to learn more about our criminal defense services.

School violence may include:

While the occasional altercation is to be expected from children, the level of violence has reached staggering new heights in recent decades. Almost daily one hears news of another child or teacher assaulted or murdered. Mass shootings today are occurring at schools more often, and often at the hands of young people.

School Violence Prevention

Politicians and NGO’s spend their time and money trying to find ways to curb the future violence that is insinuating itself into the school system. Meanwhile, it is up to the justice system to deal with those youths who have fallen prey to it in the present. If your child has been arrested for violence committed at school, the prospect of losing him or her to prison can be heartbreaking and terrifying.

Efficient Representation for School Violence Cases

When defending juvenile offenders, our Worcester criminal defense attorneys can patiently help our juvenile clients understand the events surrounding them throughout the trial process. One of the challenges of defending charges of school violence is the fact that there are usually numerous witnesses and potentially security camera footage of the incident. While the testimony of other students can often be proven unreliable, juries often view teachers, administrators, and staff with greater credibility.

Murphy & Rudolf, LLP provides compassionate Worcester criminal defense lawyers who can walk you and your child through the legal process. Children, even those who have strayed into delinquency, deserve justice. We can work hard to defend your child in the courtroom and seek a positive solution.

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