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At Murphy & Rudolf, LLP, we take the rights and interests of our clients very seriously. We understand that you are most likely facing a life-changing event – and it can become increasingly frightening if you are unaware of your rights or legal options.

Tough Criminal Defense Whether you have been arrested for the first time, are facing felonious criminal charges, or think you are the focus of a criminal investigation, all of these issues will require the attention of a skilled and experienced Worcester criminal defense lawyer from our firm.

Aggressive Civil Advocacy Our Worcester civil litigation attorneys represent clients in business and employment disputes as well as personal injury claims and claims involving real estate. We obtain successful outcomes for our clients by persistently standing up for their rights when no one else will.

If your future – and all that comes with it – is at stake, who do you want as your attorney? Do not settle for a lawyer who is willing to take the first deal from opposing counsel. You deserve to be represented by a real professional who does the meticulous research, thorough investigation, and persistent hard work that is necessary to fight for the best possible results.

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Our firm believes that most trials and negotiations can be won or lost based on the quality of a lawyer’s case preparation. We are fully prepared to expose weaknesses in the other side’s strategy and position in order to help you secure a positive outcome. Put the collective power of seasoned trial lawyers on your side of the aisle.

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We believe in working together as a unified team. By working collaboratively, each team member can bring unique critical thinking solutions to the table.

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To represent our clients effectively, we must have an effective strategy put into place. We are calculated, prepared, and primed to take action.

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We purposely limit our caseload to make sure our clients receive one-on-one attention. We treat you like one of our own because you deserve it.

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Our attorneys know the value of examining evidence, hiring investigators, and interviewing witnesses. We can go to court on your behalf at any moment.

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$100,000 Theft Charges in Worcester Superior Court, Worcester, Massachusetts

Our client was charged with stealing over $100,000 from a developmentally disabled woman. We aggressively negotiated to secure our client a favorable outcome. Despite the prosecutor’s vigorous argument that our client should be incarcerated, we were able to convince the judge to place our client on probation. Even though there was a large amount of money stolen from a mentally handicapped woman, our client did not have to spend a single day in jail.

A Handgun and Drug Possession Case in Worcester Superior Court

Our client was accused of possessing a handgun and various drugs. He was facing a lengthy state prison sentence. Our attorneys believed that the police had unlawfully stopped the motor vehicle. We brought a Motion to Suppress all evidence including the gun and the drugs. We argued that the police officer had violated our client’s Constitutional rights. Because of our withering cross-examination of the arresting officer and our persuasive oral and written advocacy, we convinced the judge to suppress all evidence. All charges against our client were dismissed.

A Rape Case in East Brookfield District Court, East Brookfield, Massachusetts

Our client was charged with rape. As a result of an aggressive investigation and a well prepared defense, we were able to secure a complete dismissal of all charges.

Accusations of Indecent Assault and Battery on a Child in Central Massachusetts, Clerks Hearing

Our client was accused of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 and was summonsed to a Clerk’s Hearing. We immediately hired an investigator and gathered proof that the allegations were false. As a result of our thorough investigation of the allegations, we were able to present a strong defense at the Clerk’s Hearing. The Clerk Magistrate relied on our legal and factual arguments and decided that no criminal charges should issue.

An Unarmed Robbery & Assault and Battery Case in Leominster District Court

Our client was charged with unarmed robbery and assault and battery to collect a debt. We aggressively investigated the case and developed a strong defense. As a result of our advocacy, the Court dismissed all charges.

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“We retained Mr. Murphy twice in the last two years and each time we were highly impressed with his professionalism, reliability, and hard-working nature. He is incredibly dedicated and will aggressively pursue the best result possible for your case. Mr. Murphy is an outstanding lawyer who I would enthusiastically recommend to anyone.” – Former Client

- Former Client

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Murphy & Rudolf, LLP is highly dedicated to diligent case preparation and aggressive representation. Our attorneys know the value of pursuing the best possible results and filing legally significant motions. We do whatever is in our professional and ethical reach to help increase your chances of securing an acquittal, dismissal, or reduction. If you need aggressive defense representation, we will protect your interests intelligently and strategically.

Have you been arrested? Our criminal defense lawyers in Worcester, MA can defend against a broad spectrum of serious criminal charges faced by adults, juveniles, and college students. If you or a loved one are facing charges in the Worcester County area, call us at 508-762-1397 to request a confidential consultation.



The Murphy & Rudolf, LLP team has more than 50 years of trial-tested legal experience. Put our collective knowledge, talent, and legal savvy to work for you.

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The Murphy & Rudolf, LLP team has more than 70 years of trial-tested legal experience. Put our collective knowledge, talent, and legal savvy to work for you.

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