A Drug Possession Lawyer at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP Can Help You

If You Have Been Arrested and You Need a Drug Possession Lawyer to Defend Your Freedom, Then Look No Further Than the Law Offices of Murphy & Rudolf, LLP

An arrest on a drug possession charge, or the suspicion of an impending drug crime, can lead to significant consequences. It is necessary to hire an experienced drug possession lawyer to handle your case to ensure the best possible outcome.

If you live in Worcester county and need skilled representation, then look no further than the law offices of Murphy & Rudolf, LLP. Use our online form to schedule a free consultation, or call us for one now: (508) 570-3037.

Why It Is Important to Have a Top Drug Possession Lawyer on Your Side

In the state of Massachusetts, there are five different classes for the possession of controlled substances. Each class comes with fines and potential jail time of varying lengths.

For instance, a first offense for possession of a Class A substance, which is the highest class, comes with the potential sentence of two years in jail and a $2,000 fine. A second offense for possession of a Class A substance is considered a felony and involves a potential sentence of five years in state prison and a $5,000 fine. Substances listed in Class A include heroin, morphine, GHB, and Special K.

A first offense for possession of a Class B substance involves a potential sentence of one year in jail and a $1,000 fine. The penalties double for a second offense. Substances in Class B include amphetamines, cocaine, crack, ecstacy, hydrochloride, LSD, methamphetamine, oxycodone and oxycontin.

Experienced drug possession lawyers have worked these kinds of cases before. They understand the laws associated with possession, as well as the ways to aggressively defend against the prosecution’s story. It is important to have this type of experience and understanding on your side. For drug cases, always retain a skilled drug possession lawyer or risk missing out on the best, most-aligned representation possible.

What a Top Drug Possession Lawyer Will Do for You

A top drug crime lawyer recognizes the severity of your case and puts all possible defensive strategies to use.

Once a lawyer is hired for your case, he or she will begin to collect all of the information of your case, including the charge and police report, and any available interview transcripts. Our team utilizes private investigators when necessary, and we will help navigate the legal system for you. The main goal is getting you a verdict of not guilty so you can enjoy your freedom and future.

We will work tirelessly with your best interests in mind — including aggressive trial lawyering if the case goes to court, or alternative sentencing or plea bargaining.

Hire One of the Best Drug Possession Lawyers in the State of Massachusetts

The lawyers at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP are highly-skilled trial lawyers with over 50 years of combined experience. If you need a drug crime lawyer with proven results, an understanding of the legal system, and the skills to communicate with the court while fighting for your rights, then you need to contact us today. Use our online form to set up a free consultation or call us for one now: (508) 570-3037.

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