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Sexual Assault Lawyers Near Me: The Crime of Sexual Assault in Massachusetts

Massachusetts law defines sexual assault as any unwanted and offensive sexual touching. This includes any form of sexualized touching, in addition to penetration.

People convicted of sexual assault crimes in Massachusetts will likely have to register as a sex offender on the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board, in addition to potentially lengthy prison sentences.

A sexual assault conviction leads to incarceration and a damaged reputation. Once a sentence is carried out, this conviction makes finding and keeping employment extremely difficult. Do not let a sexual assault conviction ruin your life. Contact the law offices of Murphy & Rudolf, LLP today for a free consultation: (508) 570-3037.

In addition to sexual chargers, we specialize in similar sexual crime offenses, including:

  • Child pornography
  • Indecent exposure
  • Juvenile sex crimes
  • Prostitution
  • Rape and aggravated rape
  • Sexual violence
  • Solicitation
  • Statutory rape

Sexual Assault Lawyers Near Me: We Use Aggressive Defense Strategies

There are a few primary defense strategies we utilize for sexual assault cases. First, there is the argument of innocence, meaning that the accused did not commit the crime. There is consent, which states that the sexual touching occurred, but that it was consensual in nature. There is also the defense of insanity or mental incapacity, where a mental disease or defect is cited as a reason to not be criminally liable for the sexual assault claim.

We begin our preparation by obtaining all the information of the case and the evidence against you. We then dig deeper for any necessary interviews of witnesses. If the case goes to trial, we defend aggressively, picking apart the prosecution’s story where any holes exist.

Sexual Assault Lawyers Near Me: Get in Touch With the Experienced Legal Team at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP Today

A sexual assault offense can be extremely stressful for the accused. A conviction is life changing, so it is imperative to be as prepared as possible. Choosing an experienced sexual assault lawyer is your best chance at finding freedom at the end of the fight. Having a team on your side that understands the laws, the legal system, and how to communicate in court brings strength to your side of the aisle.

At Murphy & Rudolf, LLP, we aggressively defend adults, juveniles and college students who have been charged with sexual assault crimes throughout Worcester, Worcester County, and surrounding areas in Massachusetts. Call us at (508) 570-3037 or contact us online to get started with a free consultation.

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