4 Things to Keep In Mind if You’ve Been Pulled Over for an OUI

DUIs, or OUIs for those in Massachusetts, are situations that nobody wants to get themselves in. A blood alcohol concentration (BAC), while driving, of 0.08% or higher means you are legally considered to be alcohol-impaired. If you’re pulled over and you’ve been drinking, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Pull Over and Stay Put

As soon as those flashing red and blue lights come on behind you, pull over as quickly (and as safely) as possible. When your vehicle has stopped, shut it off and take off any sunglasses, hats, or hoodies you might be wearing. Then put your hands on the steering wheel. At this point, the officer has probably noticed your driving behavior as being erratic and may already suspect you of drinking and driving, so be as calm as possible. That means stay in your car no matter what until the officer instructs you otherwise.

Bite Your Tongue

Being difficult, combative, or using profanity towards an officer is a one-way ticket you can’t exchange. When the officer speaks to you, act with civility, despite any predispositions you might have. You’re already in a precarious situation, and being uncooperative will only make it worse.

Don’t Over-Share

If an officer asks you a question, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to answer it. Keep in mind your fifth amendment, and remain silent until your OUI/DUI attorney is present. It is especially important to not offer up information without your legal representation by your side. Information like how many drinks you’ve had, where you were drinking, and who with, aren’t things that you need to tell the officer on your own accord.

Don’t Fight

In the end, you may still be arrested. If this happens, go willingly and cooperatively. It can be an anxiety-filled experience, but it’s important to remember to stay calm and politely request legal representation.

While this process might help you with your case, the only way to truly avoid this situation is by never driving under the influence. If you choose to do so, be sure to have a good OUI/DUI attorney on your side.

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