Do You Need a Criminal Lawyer? Free Consultation Available to You Now

People Accused of a Crime Can Benefit From the Knowledge of a Criminal Lawyer. Free Consultation Is Available Now to Potential Clients in Worcester & Springfield

When people accused of criminal charges seek defense, they look for a lawyer that has the appropriate credentials, experience with the specific charges, and a history of winning similar cases. These are the types of criminal defense lawyers that earn the most-favorable results for their clients. 

Are you in the areas of Springfield or Worcester, Massachusetts and are in need of a criminal lawyer? Free consultation with our knowledgeable representatives is available to you so we can determine if our expertise is right for your case. Contact us now to discuss the specifics of your case and how we can help: (508) 570-3037

Protecting Your Future With the Expertise of Successful Criminal Defense Lawyers

Our team understands the law and legal procedures so you do not have to attempt the stressful, time-consuming process yourself. We understand the paperwork that needs to be completed and filed, and the correct process for doing so. Fine details matter a lot in a court of law, and missing deadlines or important document filings can lead to problems from the start. Working with our firm safeguards you from these types of errors. 

Effective legal representation takes your future into consideration. Our goal is to get the most favorable ruling for you, with the focus on having the charges dropped completely. However, if we feel your best outcome involves a plea bargain for a lesser charge, then we will seek that on your behalf. Contact us now if you need a criminal defense lawyer on your side in the Springfield or Worcester areas of Massachusetts. 

A clean criminal history is essential for anyone who wants to lead a normal life. Otherwise, a criminal record can have negative implications while looking for employment or housing. It can also damage your reputation within the community you live. We work tirelessly to get charges dismissed, keeping your record and reputation intact. We are also able to appeal case results in situations where a conviction is the ruling.

Are You Looking For Massachusetts’ Best Criminal Lawyer? Free Consultation Is Available to Those Accused in Springfield and Worcester

With combined experience of over 50 years defending the rights of the accused, the team at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP know how to handle criminal cases. 

Our team diligently prepares defense strategies aimed at receiving the best possible outcome for our clients while ensuring their rights are upheld and they are not bullied by the prosecution. We offer an initial free consultation so we can explore the options available after discovering the specifics of your case. Retainer and payment options are discussed for the case as well, so you will be fully prepared if you choose to have our firm represent you in the criminal law system. 

Contact our knowledgeable staff today to discuss the charges against you during a free consultation. Do not wait any longer to get the legal assistance you need. Call now: (508) 570-3037.

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