Hire an Experienced Criminal Lawyer for Sex Offender Cases

A Criminal Lawyer for Sex Offender Charges Will Help Ensure Your Rights Are Respected and Protected During the Legal Process and Beyond

Putting a criminal lawyer for sex offender charges on your side is the right move to make if you want to protect your future.

The criminal defense lawyers at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP serve the communities of Springfield and Worcester, MA for all forms of criminal cases, including sex offense cases. Contact our knowledgeable representatives today to discuss the specifics of your case during a free consultation: (508) 570-3037.

Why It Is Important to Hire an Experienced Criminal Lawyer for Sex Offense Charges

It is often required for a person to register as a sex offender if convicted of a sex crime in the state of Massachusetts. This stigma is forever and comes with a slew of hardships.

Consider that simply being accused of a sex crime can be devastating. A conviction makes it significantly worse, having potential impact on current and future life situations. For instance, beyond the possible incarceration and fines, the need to register as a sex offender can lead to loss of current or future employment. It may also dictate where someone can live and where they cannot live, typically in relation to schools.

A major reason to hire an experienced criminal lawyer for a sex crime case involves the amount of preparation required to win. Sex crime cases frequently involve pitting the word of the accused against the word of the alleged victim. There may also be physical evidence, which can be used by the defense as well. Witness testimonies, video or audio recordings from the alleged incident can present a very different case if the defense lawyer is able to ask the right questions or present the facts favorable for the defendant.

Strong defense strategies often hinge on deeper investigation of the crime. DNA or forensic evidence may be part of the defense strategy. Witness testimony or accounts from arresting officers may also play a part in the investigation. When applicable, a thorough criminal defense team may employ psychologists, medical experts, private investigators, and character witnesses to get the best outcome for the client.

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The Law Offices of Murphy & Rudolf, LLP Handle Sex Crime Cases in the Worcester and Springfield Areas of Massachusetts

If you or a loved one is in need of aggressive criminal defense, then look no further than the law offices of Murphy & Rudolf, LLP. Our highly-trained team of experienced lawyers have worked criminal cases for over 50 years cumulatively, winning many sex crime cases along the way.

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