Do I Need a Drug Charges Lawyer for Marijuana in Massachusetts?

Examining the Legality of Marijuana in Massachusetts and How a Drug Charges Lawyer Can Help You if You Find Yourself Facing Drug Crime Charges.

Drug crimes are incredibly varied in their legal severity. Some charges carry just a little fine, while other charges can land you with hefty fines and years in federal prison. However, the legality of marijuana has greatly changed in the U.S. and as experienced drug charges lawyers, we think it’s important to understand the nuances of marijuana laws in Massachusetts.

Most importantly, if you or someone you love is facing charges related to any illicit drugs, the attorneys at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP are ready to talk to you to discuss how a drug charges lawyer can help you. If you’re in the Worcester, MA area, contact us online or give us a call at (508) 570-3037.

An Overview of the Legal Landscape of Marijuana

Depending on the drug in question, certain illicit drugs, like cocaine or heroin, are controlled and restricted federally and at the state level. The legality of marijuana has shifted in the legal landscape of the United States in recent years, and while still illegal in some states, other states have voted to make it legal.

In Massachusetts, marijuana was voted legal for medical use in 2012 (effective in 2013) and voted legal recreationally (for 21 years of age and older) in 2016. However, it’s important to remember that regardless of state laws, cannabis is still recognized as an illicit substance on the federal level. Under the United States Controlled Substances Act (CSA), “marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance.”

The intricacies of how federal and state laws affect each other are still, arguably new grounds. For the sake of the individual and interpersonal context, drug charges lawyers are no longer defending as many cases related to marijuana and drug possession in Massachusetts where the law states that any adult (21 and older) is legally allowed “to possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana outside of their residence and up to 10 ounces within their residences. Adults are also authorized to grow up to 6 marijuana plants in their residences and to give up to 1 ounce of marijuana to another adult without payment.”

Common Drug Crimes That a Drug Charges Lawyer Defends:

While small-time, personal use cannabis charges have greatly dropped in Massachusetts, there are still other charges one can face, be it with marijuana or with other illicit substances. Some of these charges may be:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug possession with intent to distribute
  • Drug manufacturing

In Massachusetts, for example, prescription drugs are particularly common cases that a drug charges lawyer would take on to defend.

If you are facing drug charges of any kind, it is crucial to find yourself a drug charges lawyer to help you with your case. They are the only ones who can assess your current situation and help you understand what penalties you may be facing.

How Can a Drug Charges Lawyer Defend Me?

Whether or not this is the first time you are ever facing a charge or if your situation is more serious, a drug charges lawyer with experience and diligence can properly assess your situation and help advise you on your next steps and how best to build your defense. The attorneys at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP have over 50 years of cumulative experience representing clients. Contact us today to find out how we can help you:(508) 570-3037.


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