The Best Sexual Assault Defense Lawyers Know How to Handle the Case

It Is Important to Realize That the Best Sexual Assault Defense Lawyers Have an Arsenal of Ways to Protect Your Rights and Fight for Your Freedom

Have you or a loved one been charged with sexual assault or some other sex crime? Hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer will provide you with the chance at beating the charges and having the case dismissed. 

If you are looking for the best sexual assault defense lawyers available to you, and you are located in the Worcester or Springfield areas of Massachusetts, then you should contact the law offices of Murphy & Rudolf, LLP today. The criminal defense lawyers at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP are dedicated to defending you in a court of law. Our team has experience handling sex crimes cases throughout the cumulative 50 years of professional practice. Contact our knowledgeable representatives today to discuss the specifics of your case during a free consultation:(508) 570-3037

Top Criminal Defense Lawyers Know a Variety of Defenses That Can Work for Sexual Assault Cases

Those who are experienced in a subject matter often understand more fully than those who are inexperienced. That is where the importance comes from of having a criminal defense lawyer that has represented clients during sex crime cases. Not just any criminal defense lawyer will know the nuances associated with sex crimes. 

Some of the top defenses employed during sex crime cases involve:

False accusations: In these instances the client may be falsely accused out of malice by the accuser. 

Establishing a relationship: If there is a pre-existing relationship between the accused and the defendant, there may be a greater chance that the sexual acts in question were consensual.

Identifying content: Sexual assault cases may involve the need to identify content or a lack there of. 

False witness testimony: False testimony may also be a part of this. 

Faulty forensic testing and methodology: DNA evidence can be tampered with and collected ineffectively or illegally. It is important to ensure this evidence is collected and used accordingly. 

Violations of rights: If the client had his or her rights violated during the arresting process.

The Motives and Credibility of the Accuser Are Important to Understand

It is important to consider the accuser’s background in sexual assault cases. Has the accuser ever made similar accusations in the past? If so, that may raise some red flags. It is especially important to look at the psychological history of the accuser as well. This may best be seen through instances of text messages, emails, social media posts, phone calls or other recorded statements. 

If you or a loved one is being falsely accused of a sexual assault crime, then you need to put the legal guidance of a criminal defense lawyer behind you. We understand how difficult of a situation this can be, but it can get even harder if you attempt to take on the legal system by yourself. The best criminal defense lawyers can help you prove your innocence in court. 

Murphy & Rudolf, LLP Serves the Areas of Worcester and Springfield, Massachusetts

Our criminal defense team is available to help you. We only work a small number of cases at a time so we can dedicate the utmost attention to researching, collecting evidence, and preparing a solid defense for you. 

Contact our law offices today so you can share the details of your case during a free consultation: (508) 570-3037.

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