The Search for “Sexual Assault Lawyer Near Me”: What to Know

An Overview of Sexual Assault Laws in Massachusetts and What to Look for When Searching for “Sexual Assault Lawyer Near Me”

Facing criminal charges of any kind can be scary and overwhelming. You may feel shame, frustration, anger, or sadness. It may be you, or someone you love that is facing the journey of legal defense and difficult decisions. We believe that having a basic concept and understanding of what to expect when you are facing sexual assault criminal charges will help quell certain anxieties you may have and will help you choose a proper attorney if you find yourself searching the internet for a “sexual assault lawyer near me.”

This article is intended to help provide you a brief overview, or introduction, of the landscape of sexual assault charges in Massachusetts. If you are in the Worcester area and are in need of legal help, please do not hesitate to contact the law office of Murphy & Rudolf, LLP for a free consultation (508) 570-3037.

What Constitutes Sexual Assault in Massachusetts?

Are you confused by the criminal charges you or your loved one are facing? A sexual assault lawyer near you will help you build the necessary defense for your case. Sexual assault is when the offender “subjects the victim to sexual touching that is unwanted and offensive.” Sexual assault is an all-encompassing term that includes many other types of criminal violations. (1) This can include any of the following actions without consent:

  • Fondling, kissing, or making unwanted bodily contact;
  • Forcing another person to perform or receive oral sex;
  • Forcing a tongue, mouth, finger, penis, or an object on another person’s anus, penis, or vagina; and
  • Forced masturbation.

The Two Kinds of Sexual Assault in Massachusetts

Generally when you are searching for “sexual assault lawyer near me” you’ll likely get a long list of attorneys, but very little clarification of what you should be looking for to best serve your legal defense.

There are two categories of sexual assault in Massachusetts: indecent assault and battery, and aggravated sexual assault. The former, indecent assault and battery becomes aggravated sexual assault if harm comes to the victim that then requires medical attention.

Legal Consequences and Punishments

Each case, trial, judge, jury, or attorney will influence your outcome. The legal punishments are not necessarily mandated by statute. This means that it is so important to choose an experienced and skilled attorney when you are sorting through the results of your “sexual assault lawyer near me” Google search.

Now, if you are facing aggravated sexual assault charges rather than indecent assault and battery, the punishments can be much harsher and will likely require that the convicted individual officially registers as a Massachusetts Sex Offender.

The best person to assess what sort of punishments you are facing, what options you have as an individual charged with sexual assault, and what course of action you should take, is an experienced attorney. A good sexual assault attorney near you should have the time to properly assess your case and help you understand the reality of what you may be facing.

This helps manage expectations and gives you the information you will need in order to make the decisions to achieve the best possible outcome.

“Sexual Assault Lawyer Near Me” and Next Steps

The first step to protecting yourself and your future, if you are facing criminal charges of any kind, is to find your lawyer. When you type into Google “sexual assault lawyer near me,” it’s hard to know who to choose from the long list of results. If you’re in or near Worcester, MA, start with a free consultation from Murphy & Rudolf, LLP. Our attorneys have over 5 decades of cumulative experience and take on small caseloads to ensure each of our clients receives the best possible representation. Contact us today to discuss the details of your case:(508) 570-3037.


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