Why Choosing a Strong “Divorce Attorney Near Me” Is Critical

Find Experienced Legal Support From a “Divorce Attorney Near Me” to Help You Win Your Case

Divorce, even when amicable, can be an emotional burdensome process for the spouses and the family involved. Moreover, when it comes to negotiating the custody of your children, separating and dividing assets and finances, it’s important that you find a divorce attorney that can effectively and successfully represent your best interests. If you are in Worcester, Massachusetts or the surrounding area and are searching online for a “divorce attorney near me,” contact Murphy & Rudolf, LLP for a free consultation. We have decades of experience and extensive knowledge in dealing with family law and divorce proceedings.

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What Is the Divorce Process Like in Massachusetts?

The word “divorce” often conjures up scenes of courtroom litigation and dramatic fights between spouses. While the divorce process can lead to long legal battles, courtroom litigation, and tension between the parties involved, it does not always come to that. Before you jump to litigation, it’s important to understand the process as a whole and recognize that hiring a divorce lawyer near you doesn’t mean an automatic court battle.

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, before you file for divorce, you must prove you have been living in the state for at least a year unless you can show the grounds for the divorce specifically arose while living here. If you are unsure about your specific conditions, find a divorce attorney near you, like the team at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP, to help assess your case.

In some cases, legal separation and divorce are decided mutually (known as “uncontested”), but other times, the grounds for divorce may be disagreed upon (“contested”). Before you can actually decide on the terms of the divorce, the divorce itself must be properly filed.

  1. One spouse must file a “Complaint of Divorce,” which explains why they are filing for a divorce.
  2. The other person has the chance to offer a response. If no response is given, the court assumes they agree to the grounds of the divorce.
  3. Once the divorce is officially filed, financial documents are shared and studied, and divorce attorneys can see what assets and incomes are at stake.
  4. Based on this information, the couple and their divorce lawyers can enter mediation and see if they can settle on mutually-agreed upon terms of divorce. If they cannot reach an agreement here, that is when the couple must present and argue their case in court, before a judge.

How Can an Experienced Divorce Attorney Near Me Help Me With My Case?

By hiring a divorce lawyer near you that has extensive knowledge and experience, it means you hire someone who knows how to fight for your best interests. This means they know when to settle and when to fight for what is best for you, your assets, and in some cases the children.

However, divorce attorneys do more than just litigate. A team of divorce attorneys near you, like the team at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP, can help you all throughout the process. Divorce proceedings may involve:

  • Filing and serving pleadings
  • Obtaining temporary orders
  • Conducting and completing discovery
  • Drafting separation agreements
  • Filing and defending against complaints of contempt
  • Preparing for and arguing at the pre-trial and trial stage
  • Filing and defending against complaints for modification

Bottom line, experience pays off and it is important to take the time to choose a divorce lawyer that is willing to offer dedicated representation to help advocate for your rights. If you are in the Worcester area and searching the web for a “divorce attorney near me,” contact us today online or by calling (508) 570-3037 for a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your case.

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