How a Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Interests

Murphy & Rudolf’s Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers Can Help Confidently Navigate Legal Marriage Contracts

“First comes love. Then comes marriage.” At least, that’s how many of us assume the simple order of love and marriage should go. And yes, marriage can be a way to commit to your partner and honor the love that you share. However, from a legal perspective, marriage is more than just a ceremony; it’s a legal agreement between two people that “affects each spouse’s rights and responsibilities when it comes to property and debts.” (1) For this reason, many individuals turn to a prenuptial agreement lawyer to help them draft an agreement that will help protect their precious assets in case of a divorce.

In this article, we will go over how exactly prenuptial agreements work and how Murphy & Rudolf’s prenuptial agreement lawyers can help protect your best interests.

What a Prenuptial Agreement Entails

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, prenuptial agreements are legally referred to as antenuptial agreements, but are indeed the same thing as a “prenup.”

These agreements can address a wide range of topics, but the purpose is to outline exactly what rights each spouse has in the case of a divorce. An antenuptial agreement is drafted with the help of a prenuptial agreement lawyer to create provisions for divorce issues such as, but not limited to:

  • Asset and debt division: how assets and debts will be handled (such as real estate, stocks, insurance policies, retirement accounts, etc.)
  • Spousal support: whether or not one spouse is entitled to receive support from the other
  • Child support: how and who is responsible for the financial support of any children

How Prenuptial Agreements Are Enforced in the Case of Divorce

It’s safe to say that generally, no one enters a marriage with the plan or intention to get a divorce. But, it does happen and if you have worked with a prenuptial agreement lawyer, you will likely have something in place to protect your rights. However, it’s important to note that in Massachusetts, at the time of divorce, prenuptial agreements are only enforced when the terms of this agreement are fair to both spouses at the time of the divorce.

Prenuptial agreement lawyers have often seen during divorce proceedings that the court re-examines the agreement and if they do find it to be unfair, it will not be upheld and honored.

How One of Our Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers Can Help Support You

We understand that no one gets married with the intention to get divorced, but it does happen, and in some cases, can be a very painful, stressful process. So for some couples, a prenuptial agreement can be extremely beneficial. It can help reduce the need for tiresome litigation, as well as ensure that each spouse maintains full control over their most valuable assets.

Whenever a Murphy & Rudolf prenuptial agreement lawyer takes on a client, we strive to develop a personal relationship with each and every one. By forming a relationship of trust with our clients, we can get a clear and thorough understanding of their living situation, how their assets are arranged, and what is important to them to protect. If you need assistance with a nuptial agreement, contact our experienced prenuptial agreement attorneys at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP. Call (508) 570-3037 today for a free consultation.


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