Why You Need an Experienced Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

A Murphy & Rudolf, LLP Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer Will Provide the Experienced and Thorough Representation You Need

Hostility and tension between family members can be emotionally draining, stressful, and can make you feel isolated. When a domestic violence charge is involved, it can exacerbate those emotions and leave you feeling at a loss on what to do. If you have been charged with domestic abuse, it is crucial that you hire a domestic violence defense lawyer to help defend you.

Our Worcester-based team of domestic violence defense attorneys at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP will help you understand the charges against you and provide thorough and experienced legal representation. Call us today at (508) 570-3037 for a free consultation.

Understanding Domestic Abuse Charges

In Massachusetts, domestic violence is taken very seriously and domestic violence defense lawyers know that state prosecutors take an aggressive position in building their case. Domestic violence cases fall under both federal and state provisions, which means that each state may prosecute differently and penalties may vary.

Due to the “The Act Relative to Domestic Violence” passed in 2014, domestic violence lawyers have seen the penalties become harsher for those charged and convicted of domestic violence, or those who have violated protective orders (i.e restraining orders).

For this reason, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of hiring a domestic violence defense attorney who is experienced and aggressive enough to help properly defend your case.

Potential Penalties if Found Guilty of Domestic Abuse

If you are accused and/or found guilty of a domestic violence crime, you may face penalties such as:

  • Difficulty getting out of police custody following your initial arrest
  • Prosecutors will try to hold you for 120 days in jail without bail and without a trial
  • Charges for a domestic violence crime even if the alleged victim is merely your girlfriend or boyfriend
  • Charges for additional domestic violence crimes in Massachusetts such as strangulation and aggravated strangulation.

However, in order to understand what penalties you may be facing, only an experienced domestic violence defense lawyer can provide an informed opinion.

What Is Considered Domestic Violence

The Commonwealth defines domestic violence as any act of abuse that is committed by one member of a family (or household member) over another. Abuse includes:

  • attempting to cause or causing physical harm;
  • placing another in fear of imminent serious physical harm; or
  • causing another to engage involuntarily in sexual relations by force, threat, or duress.

It is important to note that abuse is not exclusively defined as a physical act; it can include psychological and emotional abuse as well. Domestic abuse is also not defined by involved individuals being married, but rather whether or not the victim and defendant have a “substantive” relationship. They will assess:

  • the length of the relationship;
  • the type of relationship;
  • the frequency of interaction between the parties; and
  • if the relationship has ended, how long it’s been since the relationship ended.

How a Murphy & Rudolf Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer Can Help You

If you have been charged with domestic abuse, you need to find representation. At Murphy & Rudolf, LLP, our domestic violence defense lawyers will approach your case with suspended judgement and with the necessary aggressive approach to properly defend domestic abuse charges.

Call us now at (508) 570-3037 for more information.

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