Facing a Violation of Probation Warrant? Here’s What You Can Do

There are many infractions that could result in a violation of probation warrant being issued for your arrest. Contact an experienced attorney for help.

When an individual is found to be in violation of the conditions of their probation, the probation officer is required by law to take action by issuing a violation of probation warrant. This can result in harsher conditions being applied to your probation. If you are facing consequences for violating probation, it is in your best interest to hire a skilled attorney to represent you.

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Understanding Probation

Probation terms can be very stringent. Probation may require that an individual complete community service hours, attend meetings, pay fines, and/or abstain from alcohol consumption. Due to the challenges of abiding by probation, violations are common.

While probation officers are responsible for helping individuals follow the conditions of their probation, they are also responsible to the courts. For this reason, violation of probation warrants are also common.

Violation of Probation Warrant

So, what constitutes a violation of probation and when might you find yourself faced with a violation of probation warrant? There are a few common triggers, including:

Failure to report

While you are on active probation, you may be required to report to your probation officer on an agreed-upon schedule. Any failure to report is considered a violation of probation.

Using drugs or alcohol

If your probation requires that you abstain from alcohol or drugs and you fail a required test, you may receive a violation of probation warrant.

Failure to pay fines

Court costs, probation fees, and possible restitution are all common costs associated with probation. It can get expensive. A skilled attorney may be able to help you negotiate an extension for amounts owed.

Failure to complete community service

This is not a requirement of every probation. If it is a requirement for yours and the requirement is not met, that would be considered a violation.

Committing a new offense

If you commit a new criminal offense – even if you are not found guilty – you may be found to be in violation of your probation.

Being convicted of a new crime

If you commit and are convicted of a new crime while serving probation, a violation of probation warrant can be issued for your arrest.

Help from a probation violation defense attorney

A knowledgeable probation lawyer knows your rights and is well-positioned to help you avoid consequences from a violation of probation warrant.

If you fear you may be in violation of your probation for any reason, or if you have received a court summons for violating probation, our lawyers at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP can help.

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