How to Get a Drug Trafficking Charge Dismissed

Drug Trafficking Charges Can Be Alarming, but There Is No Need to Panic. Here We Explain How to Get a Drug Trafficking Charge Dismissed.

Facing drug trafficking charges can be a very unsettling experience. Drug crimes in Massachusetts are some of the most commonly prosecuted and the potential consequences can be quite severe. But as lawyers with experience fighting drug charges, we know how to get a drug trafficking charge dismissed.

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Understanding a Drug Trafficking Charge

Drug trafficking is treated more harshly than drug possession. A differentiator between possession and trafficking is the quantity of a drug involved. Prosecutors often try to cite large quantities of a drug as probable cause that there was intent to traffic or distribute. It’s also possible to show intent to distribute in other ways, such as “paraphernalia,” even in presence of low quantities of drugs. Penalties for Massachusetts drug crimes vary case by case with the potential in some cases for mandatory minimum sentences.

A strong criminal defense attorney with knowledge of the legal system can help you determine your best course of action to get a drug trafficking charge dismissed. Here we explore a few common strategies.

Prove a Mistake Was Made

As representatives for the defense, we can press the prosecution for evidence that our client’s goal was to distribute. If the prosecution is unable to establish an intent to distribute, trafficking charges may be dropped because they could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Prove a Violation of Your Rights

An experienced drug crimes defense lawyer will understand the ins and outs of search and seizure procedures. If a search was conducted without probable cause, any evidence obtained in the search can be suppressed in your case. Evidence of a defendant’s intent to distribute needs to have been obtained by legal means to be admissible. Improperly obtained evidence can be suppressed, which might prevent conviction. Similarly, we may be able to argue that charges be dropped if you were not read your Miranda Rights when you were arrested.

Reach a Plea Deal

We may find an opportunity to reach a plea deal to get your trafficking charges dropped in exchange for less serious charges. Typically, reaching a deal requires the defense to give up certain information — a bigger target, for example.

To get a drug trafficking charge dismissed, contact an experienced team of drug crimes lawyers
A criminal record involving a drug trafficking charge can have a negative impact on a person’s life for many, many years. Fortunately, you may have defenses available that aren’t immediately obvious to you.

Our lawyers at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP are versed in drug crimes including drug trafficking, and are ready to help you achieve the favorable outcome you deserve. To request a free consultation or to simply get in touch, call (508) 570-3037 or fill out an online contact form on the website.

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