What the Top Defense Attorneys Do Differently to Win

Hiring From Among the Top Defense Attorneys Can Make All the Difference When It Comes to Protecting Your Rights and Safeguarding Your Future.

Facing criminal charges can be very unsettling, but top defense attorneys can be a vital resource to help navigate those charges and find a favorable outcome. A skilled defense attorney is a smart investment in protecting your future. Here we’ll share how to separate the best from the rest.

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What Sets Top Defense Attorneys Apart

Your defense attorney is your lifeline when you are faced with criminal charges, and making the right decision about who to hire is critical. Top attorneys deliver winning strategies. Here we discuss what sets them apart.


The best attorneys have years of trial-tested experience winning cases for clients. Criminal defense is hard and a top defender knows how to fight tough battles and win.

Experience gives defense attorneys an edge when it comes to understanding the law, the courts, and the strengths and pitfalls of prosecutorial strategy. Experience also increases the likelihood that an attorney has connections to the local legal community that could be advantageous to your case.

Personal attention

Top defense attorneys give your case the attention and care it deserves. A good attorney will make you feel heard. They will keep you informed of your options and what is at stake every step of the way. You should feel confident that the person representing you is available to answer your questions and address your concerns. A top firm will make that a priority.


It takes resourcefulness to craft a powerful defense. The prosecution has a number of advantages over the defense in a criminal case and effective defense attorneys must utilize every available resource to win.

Top defense attorneys are committed to finding creative ways to pivot and persist through every new challenge. A winning lawyer will outwork and outthink the prosecution every step of the way.

Effective communication skills

An effective defense attorney is both aggressive and personable. Assertiveness is sometimes necessary in a criminal case and a top attorney will know how and when to act with urgency.

On the other hand, defense attorneys engage with many different stakeholders when handling your case and will need to flex other communication skills like influencing, negotiation, professionalism, and compassion.

A defense attorney uses honed communication skills to strike the right tone at all times to achieve the desired results.

Hiring a Top Defense Attorney for Your Case

The best attorneys are always prepared to help you win. If you are facing criminal charges, our attorneys at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP are here to help you come up with a plan of action focused on results.

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