How to Beat a First Time Offender Drug Trafficking Charge

Understanding Your Rights, When to Consult a Lawyer, and How to Beat a First Time Offender Drug Trafficking Charge

The possession, manufacture, and sale of controlled substances is prohibited by Federal and Massachusetts state law. Facing a first time offender drug trafficking charge is an unsettling experience and consulting an experienced attorney is a vitally important first step towards figuring out how to beat a first time offender drug trafficking charge.

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Understanding Drug Trafficking Laws

There are long-standing laws in place at the federal level to combat drug abuse. In addition to the multitude of federal drug laws, each state has its own set of laws governing the movement and sale of controlled substances. Trafficking is a felony crime and carries much higher potential consequences than certain other types of drug offenses.

Trafficking charges are distinguished from other drug crimes because they involve manufacturing, distributing, dispensing, or intending to manufacture, distribute, or dispense drugs, often in quantities greater than those required for simple possession. First time offender drug trafficking charges are typically not treated as harshly as repeat offenses, though the type and amount of controlled substance and the location of the alleged illegal distribution do matter.

Penalties for First Time Offender Drug Trafficking

A first time drug trafficking offense is a felony offense. If convicted, you could face heavy fines, seized assets, reputational damage, and jail sentences of a year or more. If you find yourself faced with drug trafficking charges for the first time, these realities can be daunting. Consulting an experienced drug trafficking attorney is essential to finding the best strategy to beat a drug trafficking charge.

Understanding Your Rights

Any felony conviction can bring serious, lifelong consequences, but felony drug convictions are particularly harsh for what are almost always non-violent crimes. An experienced attorney can help you understand your rights and put you in an empowered position to defend them.

To ensure you have the best chance of beating a first time offender drug trafficking charge with the support of an experienced attorney, it is vital that you understand your right to secure legal representation before speaking about your case. Stay calm and refrain from signing or saying anything without a lawyer.

How to Beat a First Time Offender Drug Trafficking Charge

Just because you’ve been charged with drug trafficking does not mean you will be convicted. The key is to hire a knowledgeable defense attorney immediately. In many cases, there is room for an experienced drug crimes attorney to come up with the right defense to beat a first time offender drug trafficking charge. And though there may not be a direct solution for beating the charges, there are certainly other ways an attorney can help to avoid fines, jail time, and otherwise reduce consequences.

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