5 Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer

While it may seem inconsequential to hire a defense lawyer due to the nature of your case, or perhaps you plan to exercise your right to a public defender, criminal charges can be life-altering without a proper legal advocate. The right criminal defense lawyer will stand up for you and strategize your case to produce optimal results.

Here are five of the most significant reasons to hire a criminal defense attorney:

1. Criminal Defense Lawyers Have Deep Knowledge of the Legal System.

The obvious answer to why legal counsel is essential is their understanding of the judicial system. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will know the inner workings of the court system and be able to navigate you through the various procedures and processes efficiently.

In addition to the legal system, criminal defense lawyers know people. Tenured practitioners like those at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP frequently build relationships with prosecutors that can prove to be instrumental for clients. Though it may seem counterintuitive, both parties benefit from cooperation and familiarity. Your attorney and the prosecutor may negotiate more effectively for your best outcome.

2. Your Lawyer Will Make Sure That You Know Your Legal Options.

Established criminal defense lawyers will be highly dedicated to your case and know exactly what your desired outcomes are. Through constant communication during the various legal processes, your attorney will inform you of your options every step of the way. Your criminal defense attorney will also be able to relay the outcome of similar cases and advise you on the next steps based on their prior knowledge and the factors of your case.

3. A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Ensure Your Rights Were Not Violated and Will Not Be Violated in the Future.

At times, individuals in the legal system and local authorities will misstep, violating the constitutional rights of those charged with criminal offenses. If a misstep infringes upon a legal boundary, evidence in your case may be considered inadmissible in court, which means the evidence can no longer be used against you.

Criminal defense lawyers are well-aware of the law and can review your case to determine whether or not a violation may have occurred.

4. Adequate Legal Representation Can Reduce or Eliminate Costly Criminal Penalties.

Incarceration and fines are common repercussions for criminal convictions. Certain crimes may cost thousands of dollars.

While retaining a criminal defense lawyer may seem costly, it is still likely to be less than the burden of criminal sentencing. Aside from fines, a conviction accompanied by incarceration sentencing would lead to the loss of wages.

When it comes to criminal charges, you must consider the possible outcomes and plan accordingly. In other words, hire adequate and dependable legal counsel.

5. You Need Support.

Having a criminal defense lawyer that you can trust in your corner is exceptionally crucial. These situations can be understandably stressful. Your defense attorney will provide protection and support as you face the criminal justice system.

You will know that a compassionate and experienced professional is in your corner, a reassurance that can do wonders for your mental health during trying times.

Ready For A Consultation With A Dedicated Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Murphy & Rudolf, LLP provides tough criminal defense through diligent preparation and hard work. With over 50 years of collective criminal law experience, our defense lawyers are ready to tackle your case with the utmost ferocity and care. We do not settle for anything but the best for our clients.

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