When To Hire A Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney

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In this article, you will learn…

  • The most common offense that college students are charged with,
  • How a criminal conviction can impact a juvenile’s life, and
  • When to hire a criminal defense attorney.

How Can Criminal Convictions (And Even Minor Offenses) Potentially Impact A Juvenile’s Life?

A criminal conviction, even of a minor offense, can potentially impact a juvenile’s life because you are beginning a criminal record. Having a criminal conviction will limit your…

  • Scholarship opportunities,
  • Employment opportunities, and
  • Ability to be accepted to a university of your choice.

You want to make sure that you try to resolve the criminal matter prior to arraignment. Even if you attempt to seal your record, your convictions, or your dismissals, your future potential employer will be able to see that there was something sealed. This could mean missed opportunities in your adult life even following your education.

What Are Common Offenses That College Students Are Charged With In MA?

The most common offense that college students are charged with in Massachusetts is operating a vehicle under the influence.

If you are charged with operating under the influence (OUI), whether you were on or off campus, you want to hire an attorney who is familiar with OUI defense. There is a whole world of discovery, motion practice, and criminal defense that is unique and particular to OUI defense.

If A College Student Is Arrested For A Crime Off Campus, Will The School Find Out?

When a college student is arrested for a crime off campus, that criminal case will be a public matter which is up for public record. It is very possible that the university, college, or institution may find out about the criminal charge. It is important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible to get in front of that possibility.

When Is It a Good Time to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

A good time to hire a criminal defense attorney is as soon as you have a criminal issue. Criminal records begin at the moment an individual is arraigned in court. Your arraignment is the first entry in your criminal record. A criminal defense attorney may be able to knock out a case prior to arraignment so that a criminal record is not created.

You should never speak to law enforcement, potential witnesses, potential alleged victims, or anyone else before speaking to a criminal defense attorney.

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