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Hire an Underage DUI Attorney in Worcester or Springfield

Retain an Underage DUI Attorney from a Reputable Massachusetts Criminal Defense Law Firm to Protect Your Future

The state of Massachusetts has a zero tolerance law for underage drunk driving. This means that if you are under the legal age of 21 and are caught driving drunk or driving buzzed, you will face severe legal and administrative penalties. With Worcester criminal defense lawyers from Murphy & Rudolf, LLP, you can get knowledgeable legal assistance and aggressive representation for your case.

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Legal Consequences for Juvenile OUI/DUI Convictions

Like the rest of the country, Massachusetts stipulates the legal drinking age as 21 and the legal BAC amount as .08%. The legal amount for those under the age of 21, however, is .02%. Just one drink is enough to make most people register a BAC level at or above .02%, and if you have been arrested and charged with underage OUI/DUI, an underage DUI attorney in Worcester or Springfield can provide experienced legal assistance.

In the state of Massachusetts, anyone under the age of 21 who is caught driving with a BAC at or above .02% may be charged with an OUI. OUI is the correct legal name for what is commonly known as DUI in other states, and it can have serious penalties. For example, if you are under 21 and have a breath test reading of just .02%, you will automatically lose you license for 180 days.

Legal and administrative consequences of an underage OUI conviction include:
  • Jail sentence

  • Driver’s license suspension for 12 months if under 18 years of age

  • Driver’s license suspension for 6 months if over 18 and under 21 years of age

  • Various fines, court costs, and DMV administrative fees that may add up to $5,000

If no one was injured and it was a first time offense, an underage driver may be eligible for the Massachusetts 24d program. The Worcester criminal defense attorneys at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP know how to navigate the Massachusetts legal system and keep up-to-date on federal, state, and local laws regarding OUI. We can walk you through the process and fight hard to limit the penalties of an underage OUI conviction.

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