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Finding drug case lawyers and hiring the best one for the job can be daunting. With your freedom, future, and reputation at stake, you want to ensure that your fate is in the hands of skilled professionals with a record of success.

Fortunately, the law offices of Murphy & Rudolf, LLP contains exactly that: highly-trained criminal defense lawyers with over 50 years of combined experience and the proven results of winning cases. Our attorneys research cases thoroughly, finding all the evidence for and against you, and devise a strategy that focuses on the best results for you. If you or a loved one has been arrested on a drug charge, or are under suspicion of one, hire an experienced lawyer today.

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Our Case Results Are Proof That We Are Top Drug Case Lawyers in the State of Massachusetts

Here are examples of drug cases we have won for our clients.

Drug and handgun possession: Our client was accused of possessing a variety of drugs and a handgun. This case was tried in Worcester’s superior court. After our destructive cross-examination of the arresting officer, we were able to convince the judge that our client had his Constitutional rights violated due to an unlawful motor vehicle stop. All of the charges against our client were dropped.

Conspiracy to distribute: A client was charged with three counts of possession and conspiracy to distribute the illegal substance, Oxycodone. Our client was facing a sentence of 11.25 — 14 years in prison. We took the stance that the sentencing guidelines failed to account for varying concentrations of the substance, which led to a significantly lesser sentence.

How Your Case Will Be Handled

Our drug case lawyers prepare by studying all of the evidence against you, including any pertinent police report or witness interviews. During this time any legal rules or regulations regarding your case will be pointed out to you.

Our drug case lawyers will gather information and statements from the prosecution’s witnesses. We will utilize private investigators when necessary, and we will help navigate the legal system for you. Our skilled and compassionate lawyers will be there for you to help you through this trying time, while also keeping your best legal interests in mind.

Our primary goal is to get you a verdict of not guilty if the case goes to trial. We will also work tirelessly on a plea bargain if that is in your best interest.

Please note that if you plan to represent yourself instead of hiring legal representation, you may run into several difficulties. Many prosecuting attorneys will not even consider the negotiation of plea bargains with people representing themselves. Also, you may have a hard time understanding all the nuances involved in your case, and the time it would take you to prepare for the case on your own would be extensive.

Do Not Waste Another Minute: Hire One of the Top Drug Case Lawyers Around

Do not consider representing yourself if you have been arrested on drug charges. It is time for you to retain one of the best drug case lawyers in Massachusetts by calling the law offices of Murphy & Rudolf, LLP right now. Our top criminal defense lawyers will improve your chances of clearing your name from any wrongdoings.

The law offices of Murphy & Rudolf, LLP is home to experienced legal help. Attorney Brian Murphy was awarded the designation of one of the top three criminal defense attorneys in Worcester by Three Best Rated. Discover why people trust the proven results; Call us at (508) 570-3037 today for a free consultation.

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