Family Lawyers in Ma Can Help You With a Variety of Legal Issues

The Law Offices of Murphy & Rudolf, LLP Are Home to a Counsel of Highly-Trained Family Lawyers in MA

There are many legal issues that can fall under family law practices that impact family relationships, making it a complex and diverse area of law.

Our family lawyers represent clients in cases involving adoption, child custody, child support, divorce, division of assets, nuptials, paternity, spousal support, termination of parental rights, guardianship of a minor, contempt or modification.

The stakes are high in many family law cases. Your livelihood and your relationship with your child or children are center stage in a court of law.

The Emotionality Involved in Family Law Cases Is a Major Reason to Hire One of Our Family Lawyers in MA

Not only are our lawyers experienced in Massachusetts family laws, but they are also passionate about the rewarding experience of helping resolve emotionally-charged family issues and disputes. It is not only about assessing and advising on legal rights in these cases; it is also about protecting the mental and emotional well-being of our clients.

Bringing the human component into our work allows us to connect with clients and play the role of counselor, in addition to playing the role of family lawyer. Our cumulative experience of over 50 years has provided us with a multitude of first-hand accounts of providing our clients with emotional and legal support.

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How Our Tailored Legal Skills Help in Family Law Cases

The best family lawyers understand all the nuances of the law and have the skills of a litigator and a negotiator. They are able to manage time properly and meet deadlines for paperwork and court documents.

We take these skills and couple them with strong people skills, including the ability to interface with the opposing counsel, and the ability to speak on your behalf in court.

Divorce: If one partner hires a lawyer for a divorce case, then it is imperative that the other partner does the same. Having legal representation will ensure that an appropriate settlement plan is put in place, and above all, the emotionality of the case can be handled easier than with self representation. Divorce attorneys serve as a liaison when there is contempt between spouses.

Child custody, child support, or alimony: A client may have child custody and financial support stipulations in place from larger divorce proceedings. However, many of these conditions can change or be revisited based on actions by the other parent, including when financial situations evolve.

Paternity: Often determined through DNA testing, paternity tests can prove biological relationships between father and child, and can help a mother in the process of securing child support from an absent father.

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If you are feeling overwhelmed by a family law case, realize that the feelings you are experiencing are natural and that you can have support in this difficult time.

We offer full representation services and limited assistance representation (LAR) packages in the Worcester area.

LAR packages allow our lawyers to work on precise parts of the case. Essentially, these unbundled services provide lower-income litigants a way to receive affordable legal assistance when legal aid and pro bono services are not available.

We are devoted to effective trial lawyering. We know how to deliver aggressive defense strategies and we know how to speak to juries and judges alike.

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