A Criminal Defense Appeal Lawyer Can Right Incorrect Rulings

Enlisting the Guidance of a Trained Criminal Defense Appeal Lawyer Makes It Possible for You to Avoid the Ramifications of a Criminal Conviction

Appealing a criminal case is the last opportunity for a person to avoid penalties associated with a criminal conviction. The best appellate lawyers can help you change the course of your case.

If you or a loved one has been convicted of a crime and you feel there is a need for a criminal defense appeal lawyer, then look no further then the law offices of Murphy & Rudolf, LLP. This highly-trained criminal defense team has protected the rights of clients during initial trials and appellate cases for over 50 years cumulatively. If you are in the Springfield or Worcester areas of Massachusetts, then contact the firm today for a free consultation:(508) 570-3037.

Appellate Court Is Different Than the Initial Trial, and an Experienced Criminal Defense Appeal Lawyer Knows How to Handle the Process

A trial lawyer has a different skill set than an appellate lawyer, especially if the trial lawyer does not have experience in working cases involving appeals. A greater degree of efficiency and discernment is needed during the appeals process for a few reasons.

First, an appeal can be a large undertaking as it may involve hundreds, or even thousands, of pages to review on the record. An experienced criminal appellate lawyer is no stranger to this fact and can maneuver the paperwork more thoroughly, and does so while looking for the most pertinent facts needed for the appellate case. This efficiency translates to better quality of representation, and often leads to a more cost-effective situation for the client.

Secondly, there is an appellate standards of review that must be understood by the lawyer in order to be effective. A standard of review includes the degree of deference provided by the reviewing court in order to reverse the decision by the lower court or administrative agency. Essentially, a standard of review states the level of careful examination that is required in overturning the original ruling. The best criminal defense appeal lawyers know which details to focus on to meet the standards of review, while presenting a strong case. Trial lawyers without that experience may have a difficult time presenting the court with the necessary information to win the appeal.

Furthermore, it makes sense to hire a defense appellate lawyer instead of working with the previous trial lawyer from the original case, because it affords a fresh perspective. In many instances, the previous trial lawyer has formed fixed ideas about the case, including strengths and weaknesses of defense. Hiring a skilled appellate lawyer provides the client with a new strategy and a professional who can look at the appeal more objectively. This new defense lawyer may be able to see winning arguments that the original trial lawyer missed. Contact the offices of Murphy & Rudolf, LLP now, if you need the new perspective of a trained criminal defense appeal lawyer: (508) 570-3037.

The Lawyers at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP Have Proven Success in Appellate Court

Do you need an experienced criminal defense appeal lawyer? If you are in the Worcester or Springfield areas of Massachusetts, then you need to speak with the highly-trained lawyers at the criminal defense firm, Murphy & Rudolf, LLP. Schedule a free consultation now by filling out the online contact form, or by calling directly: (508) 570-3037.

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