Hire an Assault With a Deadly Weapon Lawyer for Violent Crime Offenses

Have You or a Loved One Been Charged With Assault With a Deadly Weapon? Lawyer Options Are Available From the Law Offices of Murphy & Rudolf, LLP

Violent crime convictions come with some of the most severe punishments, including time in prison, hefty fines, and long-lasting reputation damage for the convicted.

Have you or a loved one been charged with assault with a deadly weapon? Lawyer options exist for you, and the guidance from these lawyers can be the difference between a conviction and being found innocent. The cities and surrounding communities of Worcester and Springfield, MA can rely on the diligent criminal defense from the law offices of Murphy & Rudolf, LLP. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers have been protecting clients’ rights cumulatively for over 50 years. It is this legal prowess that will provide you with the best chance at a favorable outcome. Contact our knowledgeable staff now to discuss the specifics of your case during a free consultation: (508) 570-3037.

Understanding Assault With a Deadly Weapon in Massachusetts Helps You Realize the Value of a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer

Massachusetts state law, under code MGL c. 265 s. 15A:

“Whoever commits an assault and battery upon another by means of a dangerous weapon shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than 10 years or in the house of correction for not more than 21/2 years, or by a fine of not more than $5,000, or by both such fine and imprisonment.”

The above is the minimum sentence for a conviction of an assault and battery charge; other parts of this section list additional years of incarceration and higher fines based on the victim’s characteristics. For instance, if the victim of the alleged crime is over 60 years old, then more significant penalties are possible. Of course, the possibility of life imprisonment is also very real if a death was involved in the charges.

It is important to understand the severity of assault charges that involve a deadly weapon. It is also necessary to realize that many objects can be considered as a deadly weapon. Many of these are obvious, like a gun, knife, or even an automobile. However, some individuals have been accused of assault with a deadly weapon that involved a rock, flower pot, skateboards or bicycles.

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer to help with any assault case will increase the defendants’ opportunity of being found not guilty, having the case dismissed, or working with the prosecution on a plea agreement.

If you need strong criminal defense now, contact the law offices of Murphy & Rudolf, LLP for a free consultation: (508) 570-3037.

Assault With a Deadly Weapon Cases Are Winnable by Experienced Defense Lawyers

The best criminal defense lawyers have years of experience and success in winning cases. These professionals will first attempt to lessen the felony crime and work to have jail time removed from the equation. Defense attorneys will develop a strategy based on deep research, witness interviews, and the prosecution’s case. The goal for the defense is to get the case dismissed as soon as possible, and to work towards an outcome that keeps the defendant’s record clean. However, if the case goes to court, then the best defense lawyers will be able to prepare an aggressive, diligent defense.

The Law Offices of Murphy & Rudolf, LLP Protects the Accused in the Areas of Worcester and Springfield, MA

The criminal justice system can be an intimidating place if you are facing a felony charge. We understand the level of stress that comes with this situation, and can help guide the process for you in the easiest manner possible.

If you or a loved one is in need of top-notch criminal defense and you are in the areas of Springfield or Worcester, Massachusetts, then you should contact the law offices of Murphy & Rudolf, LLP today. Receive a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your case when you call now: (508) 570-3037.

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