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Are You Searching the Internet for “Sexual Harassment Lawyers Near Me”? Murphy & Rudolf Can Help You Take Action

Every workplace should have measures firmly in place to combat incidents of sexual harassment. After all, no one wants to work in an uncomfortable or even dangerous environment, and it is the responsibility of all employers to ensure their employees’ safety. If you feel that you’ve been violated at your current workplace, understand that there are actions you can take to remediate your discomfort. Read on for more information on what defines workplace sexual harassment, and if you’ve been searching online for “sexual harassment lawyers near me,” contact us at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP in Massachusetts to take action against your mistreatment: (508) 570-3037.

Defined: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Made illegal by the Civil Rights Act, Title VII instructs employers who manage 15 or more employees to restrict two specific forms of workplace sexual harassment:

Quid Pro Quo Harassment

A common example of quid pro quo harassment is an offered promotion in exchange for sexual favors. If a supervisor has sought out sexual relations under the pretenses of a job promotion or threatens to fire you if you reject their demands, there are actions you can take to even the playing field.

Hostile Work Environment

If you’ve felt vulnerable due to severe physical or verbal conduct in the workplace, you’re likely operating within a hostile work environment. It constitutes an extreme level of pervasive treatment that interferes with your ability to work, inevitably producing an abusive atmosphere. These cases are generally more complex, making them difficult to identify in comparison to quid pro quo scenarios.

Behaviors That Fall Under Sexual Harassment

While some types of sexual harassment are more clear-cut, there are plenty of subtle forms with the same effects of discomfort, intimidation, and distraction from day-to-day work. Among the more obvious examples include unwanted kissing or touching in inappropriate areas, asking for sexual favors, making provocative comments or sexual gestures, catcalling, and rape.

Below is a list of more subtle forms of sexual harassment that are sufficient enough to warrant action on your behalf:

  • If a superior discusses their sex life in front of you or asks you about your own sex life,
  • A coworker repeatedly comments on your appearance or attractiveness,
  • Receiving sexual texts, emails or images from an associate or superior,
  • Having sexual rumors spread about you in the workplace,
  • Receiving unwanted romantic gifts,
  • Constant, unwanted touching such as a superior’s hand on their employee’s lower back.

If you are searching the internet for “sexual harassment lawyers near me” because you have experienced any of these forms of harassment, no matter the degree or severity, you are taking the first steps to protecting yourself and your rights. No one should have to face mistreatment in their workplace, ever.

How Sexual Harassment Lawyers Near Me Can Help

If you’ve experienced any kind of treatment related to the above and have been scouring Google for “sexual harassment lawyers near me,” look no further than the associates at Murphy and Rudolf, LLP. We’ve handled a multitude of sexual harassment cases and hold the necessary expertise to help you take immediate action. Request a free consultation by calling (508) 570-3037, or fill out a contact form to get in touch.

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