A Child Support and Custody Lawyer to Guide You in a Tough Time

Child Support and Custody Lawyer: Understanding How to Navigate the Tricky World of Child Custody and How a Family Law Attorney Can Help

Divorce, legal separation, and inevitable custody bottles can be so stressful and overwhelming. It’s always difficult to separate from a partner and when children are involved, it can be quite emotionally draining to navigate. There are times when arrangements can be made amicably and with consensus, however, if you’re searching the internet for “child support and custody lawyer,” chances are that the situation is a bit tricky and you need legal support.

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Child Custody: A Brief Overview of Parental and Custodial Rights

The question of child custody comes up in situations where parents divorce or unmarried parents separate. In either case, there are two types of child custody that need to be determined: physical and legal.

Physical custody determines where the child (or children) will live, where they are registered as a student and the address for contact information.

Legal custody determines a parent’s right to make decisions about the general welfare of a child. This includes religious education and training, health and dental care, school choice, extracurricular activities, and tutoring.

Both types of child custody can be either sole or shared custody. Custody ultimately determines child support and custody lawyers can help fight to make sure your rights as a parent and your child’s best interests are properly taken care of.

How Custody Is Determined

In Massachusetts, the court decides custody based on what is best for the child using information presented by both parents. Judges generally begin from the assumption that it is within the child’s best interest to have both parents equally present and responsible in their lives.

Depending on the final custody arrangement, it is common for the Court to demand from the parent who does not have sole custody to provide child support and a custody lawyer will also be able to support you in navigating this matter.

Child Support and Custody Lawyer Roles

In the case you are legally compelled to pay child support, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue will collect the child support either by your contribution directly or by withholding from income paychecks.

If you are in the position of wanting to file that the other parent of your child pays child support and custody lawyers are already hired, they will be able to help you properly and effectively file the complaint.

What Does Child Support Cover?

The parent that is mandated to pay child support will contribute to helping with household costs (food, clothing), basic living expenses (utilities), and may even include child care, educational, and health care costs. The costs and expenses can vary with child support and custody lawyers will be able to help make sure the compelled amount is fair and reasonable.

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