“Firearm Laws Massachusetts”: What You Need to Know

5 Things You Need to Know About “Firearm Laws Massachusetts”

When compared to other states in the US, Massachusetts has very strict gun control laws. If you’re searching the internet for “firearm laws Massachusetts” for information, you’re likely curious about permits and whether or not you can carry a firearm in Massachusetts.

Our team of attorneys at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP have worked for many years defending clients facing firearms charges and we understand the minute details and variations of how firearms charges are prosecuted. Whether you are facing weapons charges or think you may be at risk, or are unsure of firearm laws in Massachusetts, we can help you. Call us today for a free consultation at (508) 570-3037.

1. Massachusetts Is a “May-Issue” State

Beyond the very strict and extensive permit and registration requirements in the state, Massachusetts is also a may-issue state. This means that whether or not you are allowed carry a concealed weapon is at the discretion of the authority who issues the permit, which in Massachusetts is generally the local police chief. Though you may see police or military carrying non-concealed weapons, firearm laws in Massachusetts prohibit any sort of unconcealed weapon by the general population.

2. There Are Specifications About Who Can or Cannot Obtain Gun Permits

Firearm laws in Massachusetts stipulate specifically who cannot legally carry a firearm.

  • Undocumented immigrant
  • Convicted felon
  • Conviction of unlawful use, possession, or sale of drugs
  • Conviction of habitual/disorderly drunkness
  • Anyone under the age of 18 years, unless they have parents’ permission, which allows for as young as 15
  • Confined in an institution or hospital for mental illness
  • Are currently under court order to seize and surrender firearms license or ID card

*List from FindLaw

3. There Are Specific Stipulations About What Is an Illegal Arm

The list of banned or illegal guns in Massachusetts is long and extensive due to the many different types of firearms that exist. However, suffice it to say they mostly fall into the category of automatic firearms. Machine guns and sawed-off shotguns can be legal if they are in an appropriate place, like a business or home with a valid license. Additionally, a firearm, even if not on the list of banned weapons, is considered illegal if it’s been altered or the serial or ID number has been removed. Silencers are also illegal.

4. Police and Prosecutors Are Increasingly Intolerant of Even the Most Minor Firearm Infractions Throughout Massachusetts.

Firearm laws in Massachusetts are strict and if convicted of a weapons charge, you may face significant prison time and/or substantial fines. Murphy & Rudolf, LLP criminal defense attorneys have found that more and more, prosecutors are unwilling to settle cases with probation, or even reduce charges.

5. “Firearm Laws Massachusetts” Stipulate That Certain Firearm Offenses Require Mandatory Jail Sentences.

This means that qualified and experienced criminal defense attorneys who know how to navigate weapons charges are critical for building a proper defense.

If you are facing weapons charges, our Worcester-based team of defense attorneys is experienced in firearm laws in Massachusetts and has represented all types of firearm cases at the state and federal levels. We can use our extensive knowledge of the legal system to fight for you. Schedule a free consultation today: (508) 570-3037.

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