When to Contact an Employment Lawyer: How We Can Help

A Look Into Employment Law and When to Contact an Employment Lawyer

When it comes to your rights as an employee, Massachusetts can be a tricky state. Since most employees in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are “at-will” employees, it leaves room for employers to commit unfair employment practices.

If you are wondering when to contact an employment lawyer, call (508) 570-3037 today to get a free consultation with one of the attorneys at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP. Our team of experienced lawyers will evaluate your case and determine whether your rights may have been violated.

In this article, we will provide an overview of various employment violations or issues that are often relevant to those wondering if or when to contact an employment lawyer.

Massachusetts Is Generally Employment-At-Will

In most states, employers hire employees generally at-will. What does this mean? It means that at any point, an employer can terminate your position, without cause. There are very limited exceptions to at-will termination that are illegal, such as:

  • There is no record or proof you ever legally agreed to an at-will employment. This can include the absence of any signed documents.
  • There is no mention of at-will employment in any employee handbooks you were provided.
  • Your employer has a list of specific expectations or policies that, if an employee does not meet, would be cause for termination.
  • Your employee contract stipulates job security.

When you contact an employment lawyer like Murphy & Rudolf, LLP, they will ask you to review any of these documents to see if there may be grounds for legal action against your employer.

Wrongful Termination

The previous examples of illegal termination are some examples specific to at-will contracts. However, they still fall under the category of “wrongful termination.” The question of if or when to contact an employment lawyer may come up if you believe there has been another type of wrongful termination. This can include:

  • Discrimination.
  • Constructive discharge.
  • Constructive termination.
  • Employer forces your hand and makes you quit because of a difficult work environment.

Other Reasons for When to Contact an Employment Lawyer

You may want to contact an employment lawyer for reasons beyond wrongful termination. For example, you may still have your job when you are wondering if to contact an employment attorney!

Discrimination in hiring and workplace policies

You have experienced or witnessed discrimination based on age, race, gender, maternity status, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, or ancestry.

Unpaid wages and benefits

If you believe that your employer has not paid you for time worked, overtime or they have not given you the benefits you are entitled to you can take action. To learn more, check out the Massachusetts Wage Act and /or the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

Mis-classifications as an independent contractor

Companies sometimes issue 1099 tax forms illegally and can treat you as an independent contractor when you are actually an employee.

Sexual harassment

Though it may feel intimidating and scary to take legal action in this case for fear of retaliation or no results, it is absolutely solid ground to contact an employment attorney.

The question of if or when to contact an employment lawyer should always be, as soon as possible. Do not wait any longer to consult with one of our employment law attorneys at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP. It is often the case that either the law or practical considerations may require you to take action promptly. Call today for a free consultation: (508) 570-3037.

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