When and Why to Hire a Family Lawyer for Paternity Test

A Lawyer for Paternity Test Provides Experienced Representation to Establish or Dispute Paternity Wherever It’s Contested

Parental rights are complicated and the legal responsibilities parents have for their children are significant. Paternity is not always straightforward. Here we’ll discuss how and why a lawyer for paternity test can help in any case in which paternity is questioned.

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When and Why to Hire a Lawyer for Paternity Test

When parents are married, a child born during the marriage is assumed to belong to the couple in the marriage. When parents are not married, paternity can be established in two ways.

One option is for fathers to sign a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Parentage. This acknowledgment is difficult to challenge once signed and can only be challenged within a narrow window of time from execution. Any father who has doubts about his paternity or about assuming the legal responsibilities of parenthood is wise to consider all options before signing.

Another option is to establish involuntary paternity via DNA tests ordered by the court. It is wise in the case of a court-ordered paternity test to hire a lawyer for paternity test.

In cases where paternity is not clearly established, a child’s mother can file a formal complaint for a court to intervene and order a DNA paternity test. This is within a mother’s legal rights to child support payments from the biological father. For men alleged to be the father, this can be a challenging position to be in since refusal to comply with a court-ordered paternity test can be used as evidence that he is the father.

It is wise to hire a skilled lawyer to navigate paternity disputes. Being granted or denied the rights and obligations of a parent can have life-long consequences and carefully navigating the legal processes that establish or remove parental rights is critical to finding positive outcomes for all involved. Hiring someone with the specific skills and experience of a lawyer for paternity testing can help.

What Is the Legal Significance of Establishing Paternity?

A man who is legally established to be a child’s father is responsible for his share of care and support for the child. When paternity is established, parental rights issues such as child custody or child support come into play. Once paternity is established, a father unwilling to support the child can be court-ordered to do so. Similarly, once paternity is established, a father gains custody and visitation rights to his child and is empowered to make critical decisions that may affect the child’s well-being.

In the same way that a lawyer for paternity test can help to establish or disprove paternity, a lawyer skilled in family and child custody law can help to achieve positive outcomes in any dealings that follow.

Finding the Help You Need

Any time a court judgment is needed to establish paternity, it is a good idea to hire a lawyer. Our lawyers at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP can provide legal guidance to help you establish or disprove paternity and address issues of custody, parenting time, child support, or out-of-state moves. Our team will work tirelessly to achieve the favorable outcomes you deserve.

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