How the Best Drug Defense Attorney Achieves Favorable Outcomes

Here We’ll Explore How Choosing the Best Drug Defense Attorney Achieves Better Outcomes for Clients

Experience is crucial when hiring the best drug defense attorney. An effective drug defense attorney specializes in all drug crimes including possession, sales, distribution, manufacturing and more. When navigating legal troubles, hiring an attorney is a necessary first step but not all defense attorneys deliver effective defense. Here we’ll discuss why having the best drug defense attorney uniquely positions you to manage any legal troubles with favorable outcomes.

If you or a loved one is facing drug charges, contact a drug defense attorney at Murphy & Rudolf, LLP today to discuss the details of your case: (508) 570-3037 or fill out a contact form online.

Drug Crimes in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, whether a drug crime is charged as a felony or misdemeanor depends on the type and quantity of drug involved as well as their level of intent. Sentencing severity for possession, sales, distribution or manufacturing charges can range from a citation to prison time and hefty fines. Possession with intent to distribute and distribution charges both carry harsher penalties than charges for simple possession. In simple possession cases, it is sometimes possible for a case to be resolved by way of negotiation with the district attorney.

Do not wait to contact an attorney if you are facing drug-related charges. Regardless of the circumstances of the alleged crime or the severity of possible punishment, your attorney will know the right steps forward.

The best drug defense attorney will understand in-depth the applicable laws and will use their knowledge to mitigate any negative consequences of a drug-related charge. Once you share the specifics of your case, you will see immediately how your attorney will put you on the best path forward.

Common Defenses for Drug-Related Charges

Drug charges are some of the most common in this country, and the best drug defense attorneys know how to defend any case. The following are some of the possible defenses that your attorney can use to your aid in a drug-related case.

Illegal Search and Seizure

Unreasonable search and seizure is unlawful. An attorney is able to help you make an argument that the evidence supporting your charges was obtained unlawfully. You have a right to a reasonable expectation of privacy and if your search violates probable cause or is conducted without a warrant, it is essential to properly craft an argument that leads to the evidence being discarded.

Lack of Possession

Lack of possession is another common defense. Depending on the details of your case, an attorney will know if you are able to argue that although you were found to be in the presence of a drug or controlled substance, you were not the one legally in possession.

Not a Controlled Substance

You can only be charged for a drug-related crime if you are found to be in control of a legally controlled substance. If the assumed controlled substance is proven to have been something other than what you were charged with, your charges will be dropped. The laws regarding medical exceptions are also important to understand if there is a possibility they can be used to get your charges dropped.

These are only some of the possible defenses your case may require, and the best defense attorneys will know other state-specific defenses relevant to your case. Find a drug defense attorney immediately, so you can begin to pursue the best strategy to achieve a favorable outcome. Since failure to properly defend yourself in a drug-related case can result in life-altering consequences, hiring an experienced attorney is important.

Hiring the Best Drug Defense Attorney

A strong drug defense attorney can provide knowledgeable and aggressive defense for clients facing misdemeanor and felony drug charges. The best defense attorneys are always prepared to help you win. If you are facing drug-related charges, our attorneys at Murphy & Rudolf LLP are here to help you come up with a plan of action focused on results. To request a free consultation or to simply get in touch, call (508) 570-3037 or fill out a contact form on the website.

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