Choosing the Right Criminal Defense Law Firm

A Guide to Finding the Best Criminal Defense Law Firm to Work for Your Best Possible Outcome

You’re already going through a stressful time – choosing the right criminal defense law firm shouldn’t be a burden. We understand that you need someone you can trust, someone dependable, who will fight on your behalf and get you the best outcome possible.

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How to Choose the Criminal Defense Law Firm That’s Right for You

If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense in the state of Massachusetts, it’s important to retain a lawyer as soon as possible. Hiring an experienced lawyer will greatly increase your chances of receiving a favorable outcome. Here are a few pointers to help you choose the right criminal defense law firm in Worcester, MA.

  • Assemble a list of suitable lawyers. You can create your list based on location, history of success with similar cases, reputation, etc. If you live in a larger area, like Worcester, MA, chances are that there are lots of possible lawyers to speak with. Reach out to family and friends for referrals and do your own Google research based on your requirements. For example, if you need a lawyer in Worcester, MA who can handle drug-related charges, be sure to include these keywords in your Google search.
  • Review your list and organize potential criminal defense law firms based on how well they meet your requirements or even just their first impression.
  • Verify that those lawyers you like meet the credentials and experience they advertise. Much of this can be done by verifying information on a website, such as whether a lawyer specializes in criminal defense, however, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable asking to see proof that they have worked with similar cases and have the necessary credentials. You can also do a Google search of a lawyer’s name to see how they’ve been reflected in the media and other cases they’ve represented.
  • Once you have compiled a shortlist together, call as many as you can and ask their process for handling criminal cases. What is their minimum retainer amount? What are their fees and expenses? Ask them all the questions related to what you need and want in a criminal law team, such as how big their caseload is — feel out well you get along with their team. The last thing you want during this difficult time or during the middle of a tough criminal trial is to get in a disagreement with your legal team.
  • Make the decision based on what you want and how you feel. Don’t go with a lawyer just because he’s your brother’s high school best friend’s cousin. Do your research, take referrals from those you trust, but ultimately make that final decision yourself.

Choose Wisely Not Frantically

When it comes to finding legal counsel, it’s really important to make an informed decision. No matter who you choose to represent you during your criminal case, make sure you have spent enough time communicating with your options and have done the right amount of research to feel comfortable in your decision.

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