What to Look for When Seeking a Civil Litigation Lawyer Near Me

When You’re Searching the Internet for a Civil Litigation Lawyer Near Me, It’s Important to Be Prepared

When looking to hire a civil litigation firm in Worcester, MA, you’re going to need to ask the right questions. The last thing you want is for your search for a “civil litigation lawyer near me” to lead you to hire the wrong lawyer and end up with less than the desired outcome.

Civil litigation is a form of legal dispute that allows two parties, a plaintiff and a defendant, to seek either money damages, an action to be taken, or the return of property. Although there is no criminal link to the matter, hiring an experienced lawyer is monumental to getting the results you seek and deserve.

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Our Tips to Finding You the Best Civil Litigation Lawyer Near Me

Choosing the right lawyer can sometimes feel overwhelming, but knowing the right questions to ask can make the hiring process easier. Here are some tips to keep in mind when speaking to a potential civil litigation attorney near you.

Do you charge a retainer or send invoices?

Many lawyers will expect an upfront retainer to cover fees and expenses. If you don’t have enough money to pay all at once, then it may be easier to negotiate a payment plan or invoices to be paid monthly. Some firms will advertise phrases such as “you don’t pay unless you win.” Be careful in these situations as often there are hidden costs, and the fees you do pay if you win can potentially add up to over 50% or more of your settlement.

Have you represented cases like mine before? What was the outcome?

These are important questions to ask a potential civil litigation lawyer as they will provide you with valuable information on whether the lawyer has experience with cases like yours, how they handled them, and what happened. If they’ve lost every case, perhaps you would want to look elsewhere. If they haven’t handled a particular case but can provide you with an excellent track record – then it may be worth giving them a shot.

What are the chances of a favorable outcome? What are the potential consequences if the case should fail?

By asking these questions, you’re providing a lawyer with the opportunity to prove that they understand your case and have an idea of how they expect it will play out. Often lawyers will respond with “Let’s wait and see” or “I can only do my best,” but responses like these can often feel like your matter is being shrugged off. You want a lawyer to communicate properly to make you feel like your case matters and that they’ve done some extra thinking to respond to your valuable questions.

When It Comes to Choosing Representation, Take the Time to Be Prepared

Make a list of questions you’d like to ask before reaching out to your potential legal counsel. You may feel that you will be able to remember everything you’d like to ask, but meeting with a civil litigation firm can be intimidating and you may be so wrapped up in the emotions of the case that you forget much of what you wanted to say until you leave their office. Don’t worry, though, we’ll do our best to predict any questions you may have.

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